About Us

Pini Pierangelo
Pini’s Factory in 1988

In 1980, thanks to my fifteen-years experience gained in the sector of orthopedic and medical products, I decided to open a company-owned with the goal to start producing my own articles intended for the orthopedic and medical device market and later also products for aesthetic and beauty care sector.

The great effort that I put in materials research and in the careful finishes, will inspire me particularly, and after only 2 years in business, I presented the documentation for a patent relative to a my production article: the Foldable Commode Chair (Italian Patent No. 188099 registered on October, 10 1995) which is currently codified as Article 100/26.

During the same period, comes to light the first version of the folding massage couch with all-metal frame construction named of “LETTINO VALIGIA” and currently codified as Article 600/10.

My long time experience and the high quality standard of the materials used, together with a careful design, allow my company to make products reliable and durable, both for series products then for customized items and always encountering the real needs of the customer from over thirty years.
My company, also pays great attention on after-sales service and thanks to its highly skilled staff, offer a complete customer and maintenance service for the entire range of products available on catalog.
Pierangelo Pini